Piper Reuid

Piper Eliza Reid

Biography- Edit

Piper Eliza Reid (born April 21st, 1995) is the daughter and only child of movie producer Henry Reid and Mikayla Moore. She grew up in L.A Mansion Le Claire de La Lune. She is especially smart for her age, and she always has been. She might have gotten this gene from her mother, who was a teacher at Princeton for six years. She went to Mcmorrow Elementary from ages five to eleven. Her father then turned her to the exclusive string of schools. She went to Lilly Cane Middle School for 6th and 7th grade. For 8th, her parents made her go to Rosewood Middle School, and right then and there, they decided she should be an actress. She currently is a sophomore at L.A. Arts, and taking all the classes in acting. Her best friends Loretta Parker, Jessica Marks, and Ashley Wilson also take classes there.


After four years of training, she finally got her career at 19 when she scored a main role in Gunfire ( 2014, directed by Adam Connors)